A wiser and more thoughtful man than this one said:

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

These strong and unequivocal words resonate powerfully with me.



In the light of reflection upon the nature of my life i find myself driven hither and thither by tensions and desires that hover over an abyss of paradox, helplessly pulled and pushed upon their whims.

but the Eye which sees in this light is not compelled by them.

I come here to pursue some freedom of thought. to find the thoughts that shun censorship, propriety, morality, etiquette, righteousness, lawfulness, political correctness, fears, beliefs. those rigid, habitual structures that prevent me from grasping the wholeness of any matter.

thoughts that point beyond the physical, beyond the mental, beyond themselves, towards their source.


if I don't turn around to take a good look at what I am, then who am I working so hard for?


Why is an endless question.

with every answer splitting into two new questions,why multiplies itself with a Fibonacciesque prolificness, don't you find?

More efficient to ask what.

Better yet to ask who it is that must know.