In my thoughts, i have become an object.

what i mean is that I have learned to refer to myself as a thing amongst the things of the world; a sort of body occupying space, with history and aspirations occupying time.

And so, tasked with explaining who I am, i am really being asked to expose the contents of listings: events lived through, skills acquired, physical attributes, affiliations, labels I wear. And owing to the nature of the way i think of myself, i'm expected to give a narrow glimpse into my past in a way that invites the affinity of a potential reader. such as your esteemed self :)

but i'm not selling anything; and in obliging i will miss the entire point of this possibility. the reason I put this here is very simple: as a charting of one human's course in his earnest quest to go from an object to a BEing.

Perhaps I should put this under why; the lines between the questions blur. And why should such categorizing divisiveness exist in the first place?