Dearest Heart,

I seek your guidance. Of all the humans I have come across, so few seem to be sustainably happy. When asked, their answers vary. I have tried their methods, but found them devoid of the true fulfillment I seek.

What is the secret to leading a joyful and fulfilling life?

Thanks in advance.
Your loyal protector,


Dear Logic,

You have the best of intentions. You deal with the world in the only way you know. By comparing and accumulating information this answer cannot be found. Using words, this answer cannot be transmitted.

Fulfillment is a sensation, felt in your being. All doing, seeking, wishing, striving and struggling will only push it away and take its place. Fulfillment is temporary at best in your experience, too ephemeral and fleeting. You have tasted its fruit and wish to make of it your daily meal.

i have nothing but love and compassion, and in that i am fulfilled. i seek no reason, for i am already surrounded by all i seek.

The secret is too profound to be reduced to words. In doing so, the meaning is too easily divided and lost. For the secret to leading a joyful and fulfilling life, is to live a joyful and fulfilling life. it is the desire to find and hold on to a secret that serves as a barrier.

Eternally yours, 


Dear Heart,

i want to become more aware, i really do, but it's such a struggle! It seems like there are so many things to think about all the time, and i get so tired i just want to veg out on a video game or tv. no, no more tv - Miley Cyrus strikes a deep and indecipherable fear into my being.

How can i manage this tremendous effort in such a topsy turvy world, demanding my constant attention?

Your ever-vigilant protector,


Dearest Logic,

You work so hard, and are so weary. The world is full of Lohans and Cyrii, poor souls with rich accounts, trumpeting from the rooftops the emptiness of worldly status and celebrity, the highest achievements of contemporary western society. I feel for you, so full of fears, and i feel for them with the utmost compassion. For i'm a heart - love is my business. Love, and the circulation of blood.

How can one be expected to summon the superhuman willpower necessary to battle such whirlwinds of thought and distraction, and just relax into love and awareness? The key is not to make any effort at all. Effort is not necessary, for you see, effort does not really exist.

This is difficult for you to accept, one who has toiled so long and suffered so much in the so-called, so cold, real world. Anger and indignation arise at the suggestion. But ere these emotions cloud our understanding, ponder these:

Does a musician overtaken by song require effort to play? What of a dancer, lost in his dance? Does a lover of books require effort to read? Does the artist, absorbed in his craft, require effort to create? Does a tree require effort to grow? A lover requires no effort to love; it is struggle itself that brings with it the sense of effort.

Fall in love with awareness. Approach it with marvel, curiosity, playfulness and love.

Best of luck, and enjoy your self.

Eternally yours,


Wise Heart,

i cannot deny the existence of intuition. i've seen it in all kinds of people, and even on occasion within myself. people knowing things they couldn't know, and predicting future outcomes with astonishing accuracy. Rain-men able to calculate answers faster than computers. The human brain is an amazing thing.

How can i tell apart the voices of intuition and imagination?

curiously yours,


Dearest Logic,

Only in silence can you know.

Intuition does not insist upon itself; it does not argue, does not provide reasons for its being there. It is completely intangible, and you are so quick to move, grasping and groping for understanding and meaning.

When intuition comes, you demand of it to know more. but it does not play your game, it does not insist, it does not repeat, it does not stand up for itself. intuition is neither right nor correct; it's simply true, and requires no conventional logical explanation to exist and no reason to prove its worth or reveal its source. intuition simply is - unexplainable, intangible, beyond your grasp.

How to know? you cannot know. it's a beautiful part of the game, that you must trust, that without guarantee you have to follow a voice from the darkness so steeped in mystery. It requires much courage, to live according to one's intuition. For there is no method for you to discriminate between thought and intuition; the future can only be proven in hindsight.

isn't it exciting?

eternally yours in love,